In case Cambodia affecting by natural disasters as following, agricultural diseases & pests, damaging winds , drought and water shortage, Earthquakes , emergency diseases (pandemic influenza), extreme heat , floods and flash floods and hail, BSD will create the project intervention and calling for donation for those marginalize group. BSD is the professionalism and expertize organization comply with minimum standard of humanitarian work.

To ensuring the staffs will comply with humanitarian, BSD will set-up the following activities:

1.     All staffs will be clear and experience in emergency and humanitarian standard through training and on the job training with real situation.

2.     Conduct survey or assessment the current situation of affected disaster and set-up the strategic and project action plan accordingly.

3.     Collaboration and joint action with NCDM, PCDM, DCDM for any intervention in target area.

4.     Create the M&E system to track the progress and assurance the equity complies with standard.

NCDM=National Committee for Disaster Management

PCDM=Provincial Committee for Disaster Management

DCDM=District Committee for Disaster Management