Strengthen children capacity to practice the right with duty bearer and care giver to respective, protection and fulfill their rights base on UNCRG and related UN body and Human Rights instrument. BSD have two project intervention:

1_Child Rights Governance: Capacity and support children to active engage in all level of decision making that affecting them.

2_Child protection: BSD will work closely with related body to intervention all kinds of violence against   children.

The programming support  the most deprive children who are the beggar, poorest family, children left-behind, child at risk with HIV,AID and drug..

Those children will access to BSD services to improvement their life to meet basic rights as mention in UNCRC:

1-Provide training on Child Rights

2-Provide the counseling service for ensuring they will resilience and resolve the problem by themself.

3-Built good relationship and closely with children’s family, parent and care giver on positive parenting and non-violence with their children.

4-Working in partnership with CSOs, sub-national government to strengthening and functioning of local child protection system (CPM)

5-Capacity building training to sub-national counterpart on CPM, basic counseling service and positive parenting skill to change their perspective toward parenting without violence and achieve log-term goal for their children.

6-Strengthening children club and their representative to work closely and constructively manner with local government to improve the quality services and all issue affect children live.